Imagine a world where all products work as expected.

Everyone has had experience with products that don’t work: The cell phone battery that was empty way too quickly? The washing machine that no longer spins? Or what happens if metal splinters are found in the herb quark? The fact is: mistakes are omnipresent and it is hard to believe that one day there will only be faultless products. But what is stopping us from taking the next step towards zero-defect production? We say: Nothing. We just have to do it!

This is exactly why we have been developing our product ZERO defects for over a year now. We don’t just want to pass on our zero-defect philosophy, we also want to map it with our apps and make it possible.

Platforms and Clouds

ZERO defects consists of platform based and cloud based apps.  These provide essential functions for quality, production and processes.  But the apps not only secure the processes, they also support the decision-making of the users and are designed for an iterative and agile process model.

  • The Taskmanager is a fully integrated communication and task system.
  • With the help of the Process Designer processes are extended by quality-relevant process parameters.
  • With the use of the Product Designer, products are extended by quality-relevant product features.
  • Inspection is a fast and simple inspection tool for the acquisition of quality data.
  • The Executor secures the processes by continuously monitoring the previously defined parameters.
  • The Dashboard is the central monitoring and display instrument that provides all important information at a glance.

ZERO defects is designed for easy and intuitive operation. Without training and with just a few clicks, everything important can be entered quickly and easily – without neglecting required details. The product is also device-independent and can be adapted to any requirement thanks to its modular design.

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