Our task manager – no better to-do list but a fully integrated communication and task system

“I did not know that this task had to be done by me” – an often used statement when something was forgotten. Lack of clarity about responsibilities, deadlines and work content makes it difficult for different people in the company to work together. This is one of the points we want to improve with our task manager. But that’s not all – it also offers other functions.

Transparency and clear responsibilities

The Taskmanager is the central rotary writing for the production, administration and systematic pursuit of all tasks and measures. The tasks are clearly displayed in the format of a To Do list and can be user and role dependent. This makes it very easy to display your own tasks. But if a task is not found, the powerful search function helps to get it displayed as fast as possible. But also a view in form of a KANBAN board is possible. The advantage is that the KANBAN board provides an overview of which tasks have been added, which are currently being processed, which have to wait and finally which have been completed. The presentation is also very well suited, for example, for a morning team meeting to look together at the open topics. The decision as to which view is used and when is up to the user.

The tasks can be created manually, but they can also be created automatically from the ZERO defects apps and filled with the necessary information. The third option for generating tasks is to have them created from external apps via an open REST interface. This enables a central consolidation of many systems. Through intelligent links, you can jump directly to the right place in the corresponding module.

But communication about the tasks is also made easier and, above all, documented. A short sentence with the help of the comment function is sufficient to record the progress of the task. If the relevant persons are also marked, they can be informed quickly and easily about everything important. This enables and strengthens user collaboration and ensures transparency.

The task manager is device-independent and thus ensures more flexible working. A task can be captured from any location and whoever wants can attach a photo of the specific situation to this task directly with the mobile devices. Information about new tasks can also be displayed directly on the smartphone via push messages.

The Facts

the specific functions of our task manager are

  • Display as To Do list or as KANBAN board view
  • Manual creation of tasks
  • Automatic creation of tasks by other ZERO defects apps
  • Automatic creation of tasks from external apps
  • Assignment to Person Responsible
  • Entering a deadline
  • Attach documents, pictures and videos (also possible directly via mobile devices)Display of status
  • Powerful search function
  • Push messages on mobile devices
  • Comment function with the possibility of mention a user


The Taskmanager is a simple tool to keep track of your tasks and never miss a deadline. This also prevents the statement ‘I didn’t know that this task has to be done by me’.