As already mentioned, all influencing variables and parameters must be identified and considered holistically for error-free production.

But can this new approach really work? Practice proves it: it works! We have already successfully implemented it in many concrete projects. Without programming and using standardized functions and communication, everything was secured in such a way that no part leaves the factory at any given time on the basis of current knowledge that is not error-free.

Concrete results are:

  • Ident-related control of production, processes and recipes
  • Enforcement of the correct setup levels and settings
  • Central control and monitoring of settings, parameters and programs
  • Interlinking of all processes, process steps and work steps
  • Feedback and results from production and quality for the control system
  • Cross-company across any number of plants

Our customers have integrated hundreds of machines, in many countries, on several continents. These machines are completely different (currently 70 machine and control types from over 35 different manufacturers), run in 24/7 continuous operation and everything is completely standardized. New machines and plants can usually be added to the network without on-site installation.

These projects strengthen our way of thinking and show that zero-defect production can be possible. But what happens when companies hear the typical sentence ‘This can’t work for us!’ The subject of objections will be dealt with in the next article.

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