Imagine a world in which all products function as expected – this vision is our drive and motivation. Everyone has had experience with products that don’t work: The cell phone battery that was empty much too quickly? The washing machine that no longer spins? Or what happens if metal splinters are found in the herb quark?

But let’s also take a look at the positive examples. Let’s talk about our heroes.

Take the example of a family with two children. The family has been living in a detached house with a small garden for years. After an excursion the family comes home in the evening and eats something. Afterwards everyone goes to sleep. But since the smallest child has a stomach ache, his mom makes him a warm pillow in the oven warm. Worried that the little one will soon feel better again, she takes the pillow out of the oven – but forgets to turn it off. She lies down with her child and both fall asleep. But the oven is still on. What could happen now if the fire alarms in the house didn’t work as expected? A fire could break out without the family noticing. Of course, somebody would call the fire brigade at some point. The fire brigade would save the family and try to extinguish the fire. They would come to the hospital with smoke poisoning and with a little luck some memories and valuables in the house would still be spared – that would happen in the best case. Then they thank the firefighters for saving them all.

Now it is however in such a way that the manufacturing company of the smoke detector did not make mistakes. The smoke detector has been manufactured without faults and does exactly what we expect it to do. Even before a fire breaks out, it reacts to the smoking oven and starts alerting the family. You can hurry into the kitchen and prevent the fire. By opening the windows the smoke can escape. Nobody gets hurt and nothing gets broken. All this because the production of the smoke detector was flawless. But who does the family thank? Normally no one is thanked. That’s why we’re doing this now – thanks to all the quality managers who make sure every day that the processes in the company run flawlessly. Thanks to the machine operators, who are always anxious to deliver the best possible quality. Thanks to all smoke detector manufacturers for letting us rely on being warned of a fire. Thank you for manufacturing flawless products and making the world at least a little safer. Even if you don’t realize that your smoke detector prevented an accident – you are our heroes!

**translated automatically**