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ZERO defects apps

ZERO defects is a company, a product and a philosophy at the same time. Using platform-based and cloud-based apps, we enable zero-defect production.

What we do for it:

  • Modular Platform-Based Apps
  • Simple and intuitive usability
  • Maximum integration capability (IoS, IoT, MicroServices)
  • Essential functions for quality, production and process
  • Support users in making decisions
  • An iterative and agile process model
  • Easy creation and management of all processes
  • Definition of all requirements, influencing variables and parameters
  • Validation and safeguarding of all processes
  • Description of data sources, visualization and event monitoring
  • Continuous improvement through Closed Loop

ZERO defects Process Designer


The ZERO defects Designer is our app for planning a process. We give the user a lean and intuitive tool to plan, execute and secure all processes.

First, the individual process steps are defined. Input, output and activities are defined for each of these process steps. The decisive factor here is the collection of all requirements, influencing variables and parameters that are necessary to secure the process step. Examples are product features, process data, required tools and skills of the executing employee, machine data and environmental parameters. All parameters can be extended at will by images, documents, videos, etc. which are required for documentation and execution. This ensures that all necessary factors for the process step are defined.

Based on the automatic feedback of the other ZERO defects apps, the processes can be continuously adapted and improved to prevent newly discovered errors in the future.

Document and secure all parameters involved in the process with the designer.

ZERO defects Executor


The ZERO defects Executor is used to execute, accompany and actively monitor the processes defined in the ZERO defects Designer.

This allows known errors to be prevented and occurring errors to be detected as early as possible. Their causes are analyzed, appropriate measures are defined and the errors are prevented in the future.

The Executor connects each part / each batch with its unique ID and all data occurring in the process (MDE, BDE, etc.). The data can be monitored live and in case of an error it can be reacted - by notifications to the persons involved in the process, warning signals or - if necessary - by a complete machine stop.

The ZERO defects executor reports the errors back to the other ZERO defects apps. This ensures that these errors are known and prevented in the future.

Use the Executor to monitor and secure the process parameters involved.
  • Execution and monitoring of the processes defined in the designer
  • Detect unknown errors, analyze causes and introduce them as known errors
  • 100% traceability and process entanglement
  • Connects all data with the produced parts
  • Communication with all participating IoT and IoS systems

more ZERO defects Apps



The ZERO defects Task Manager is the central hub for the

creation, administration and systematic tracking of all tasks, ToDos, and actions.

Each task can be assigned to a responsible person. It is also possible to easily attach documents, images or videos to the task and call them up at any time.

The integrated comment system and the possibility to mark other users enables a direct collaboration between all users and documents the progress of the task.



The ZERO defects dashboard is our central monitoring and display instrument. For each role or user, any number of individual dashboards can be created.

The MicroService architecture enables the integration of widgets from other systems and data sources. Even widgets developed in-house can be seamlessly integrated.

You can see at a glance which machines are running and whether all parameters are within the specified range. Intelligent functions can dynamically create dashboards, automatically hide irrelevant content or trigger alarms if necessary.

In the future, direct collaboration in dashboards will enable interaction with and decision support by other users.


ZERO-defects-apps-inspectionZERO defects Inspection is a fast and easy to use tool for carrying out inspection orders or assembly processes. If product features or assembly steps have been defined in ZERO defects Designer, these are assigned to the responsible employee via the Task Manager.

ZERO defects Inspection thus guarantees the documentation of the test and assembly steps that are to be carried out. If a defect is actually detected, it can be processed, analyzed and then prevented in the future in conjunction with the other ZERO defects apps. By using Bluetooth for integration, measuring devices can also be connected to tablets or smartphones and used for testing.


ZERO-defects-apps-catalogsIn order to evaluate and interpret data in ZERO defects and other apps together, they are easily categorized with catalogs.

This ensures that the meaning of entries is consistent across all systems and languages. In addition, the data can be structured hierarchically in any depth, which enables simple and intuitive navigation.

MANAGEMENT OF MASTER DATAZERO-defects-apps-master-data

The administration of master data such as parts, parts lists, customers and suppliers is a central tool within ZERO defects. All data relevant to ZERO defects is stored and managed here. The data is either entered and maintained manually or created through integration from higher-level systems (e.g. ERP).



User Management is used for user and rights management in ZERO defects. Users can be created, maintained and assigned to different roles. Depending on the infrastructure in which ZERO defects is used, the user data can be transferred from higher-level systems.