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You were at our booth at Control 2019 in Stuttgart and received a pencil with a barcode?

On our Control 2019 page you can review your personal data out of the blockchain for our process protection and traceability with ZERO defects.

Our Story


platform based & modular

Step by step to zero-defect productionwith ZERO defects

ZERO defects is a company, a product and a philosophy at the same time. Using platform-based and cloud-based apps, we enable complete process protection.

What we do for it: Modular platform-based apps - Simple and intuitive operation - Maximum integration capability (IoS, IoT, MicroServices) - Essential functions for quality, production and process - Supporting users in decision-making - An iterative and agile process model.


ZERO defects is designed for easy, intuitive operation. Without training and with just a few clicks, you can enter everything important quickly and easily - without having to neglect the required details.

Device independent

Perfect display on every device and operating system - With ZERO defects, the resolution and haptics are adapted to every screen size and optimized for ideal use - whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Due to its modular design, ZERO defects can easily be adapted to any requirement. Each process in the value chain can thus be secured with all its influencing variables.

Everything important at a glance on the dashboard
Company-wide task management with the Task Manager
Easily create processes with ZERO defects Designer
Seamless Traceability
Simple & central administration

ZERO defects

Modular for every need - everything you need for zero-defect production.

By safeguarding the processes along the entire value chain, ZERO defects production can be made possible. The ZERO defects Designer helps to realize this easily.

The Task Manager forms the basis for cross-organizational task management. It directs, monitors, and escalates these tasks as required. In addition, effectiveness checks of individual measures support the CIP process.

See at a glance what is important – the dashboard can be individually assembled and with various widgets a holistic overview of the production is made possible.

Process data, production data and quality data can be efficiently recorded and seamlessly traced. Traceability captures and consolidates all relevant data in a central repository and monitors production, quality and resource usage – all in real time.

+ Legal security
+ Fast changes
+ Tracing of process data and quality data
+ Systematic cost-benefit analysis
+ Increase in quality
+ Monitoring of the project progress
+ Functionally safe system
+ Reduction of production errors
+ Transparency in the supply chain

The administration apps allow a simple master data administration and a simple and easy user- / catalogue management.

Any questions? Ask us

Questions about the product? About our vision? Specific interest? Simply send us your request via the contact form - we will get back to you!

*Data protection: The completed personal data will be used exclusively in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) for the purposes stated above. You can object to this use at any time via info@zerodefects.de More about data protection? Read our data protection policies


Imagine a world,

where all products work as expected!

The reason why we get up in the morning

Imagine a world in which all products work as expected - this vision is our drive and motivation. Everyone has had experience with products that don't work: The cell phone battery that was empty much too quickly? The washing machine that no longer spins? Or what happens if metal splinters are found in the herb curd?

The fact is: mistakes are omnipresent and it is hard to believe that one day there will only be faultless products. But what is stopping us from taking the next step towards zero-defect production? We say: Nothing. We just have to do it.

Because we want a world in which all products function as expected. But only together can we make everyday life a little safer.